Why Use Infographics In 2020?

Today, we’ll show you why you should use infographics in 2020. Infographics are just one form of visual content that you should include in your digital marketing strategy in 2020. There’s no doubt that attention spans are slower today than they were twenty years ago. In 2000, attention spans sat around 12 seconds, but since the advent of iPhones and other smart devices, our attention has shrunk to 8 seconds. 65% of our population are visual learners, and this means that, as a marketer, you must reach both visual and non-visual learners. It’s more important than ever to do everything you can to catch readers’ eyes and keep them on the line.

Visualize, Don’t Conceptualize

Infographics are a great way for marketers to push their campaigns somewhere they haven’t been before. Infographics have the unique ability to take data, that would be dry in any other instance, and send the viewer on a journey that tells a story. Visual creatures call for visual stimuli. Plus, everyone loves well-designed graphics and content. If your content is more visually pleasing, you will draw more readers, users, and ultimately—customers. Infographics also help to keep your clients and agency relevant. With social media more prevalent than ever before, infographics are a great way to put shareable, viral content out there for users to enjoy.

Visual content in marketing is more compelling than written words alone. Even if your content is written, if you incorporate it into a visual medium, you are more likely to increase the overall time spent with the content and interaction from the user. Take video content, for instance. It’s a form of visual media that 92% of digital marketers said they use in a recent survey. This is a 14% increase from 78% in 2015.

Be Original With Your Presentation

In the past, (cough, cough, 2012 to 2015) infographics were an overused form of media. With overuse and production came a degradation of quality. The way to stay ahead of this curve is to create innovative and fresh infographics that do things and tell stories that have never come before. One new form of infographics that are becoming more popular is the interactive infographic. This is a great example of an interactive infographic that both links to additional sources and allows the user to filter blips and information by category. The more interaction and visual content that is used, the more engaged your users will be. Engaged users are happy users.

OK, OK. We don’t have to convince you that visual content is a great way to keep your users engaged. Take a look at this infographic we put together to show why you should use infographics in 2020 for your content marketing strategy.

Why You Should Use Infographics in 2020



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