Benson Wills

Benson Wills – Digital Manager

In his own words:

My first career was a 9-1-1 supervisor at the Wake County Sheriff’s office. Archaic as they were back in the 80’s, the statewide and federal computer systems sparked my interest in computers and the Internet. I’ve been with Maximum since the beginning – part time at first, and eventually leaving my full-time job in a real estate office to work full time. Now, I facilitate and help create all of our web products.

What motivates inspires you?

My prime motivator is the satisfaction of seeing our company’s amazing creative abilities go on display for the world to see.

Fun Facts

  • Our family lived in Yokohama, Japan for a nearly a year and the only thing I can remember are the crowds of people – what a shame my memory is so poor!
  • I own a folding bicycle.