Amy Tharrington

Amy Tharrington – Principal/ Co-Founder

Over her 20+ year career in advertising, Amy has developed industry-leading campaigns that have launched powerful brands and built sales momentum for a diverse list of clients. As co-founder of Maximum Design and Advertising, Amy’s artistic direction earned Maximum numerous awards for creative excellence.

She has been a featured speaker at several national conferences, including the numerous NAHB Senior Housing Symposiums and the Master Sales Institute’s Amenity Community Marketing Summit, and has had a series of articles published to share her views on best marketing practices.

Amy is co-founder, President and a senior partner in CrushIQ, a digital marketing firm. Her focus is in the firm’s strategy development for clients, campaign management and client support.

In her own words:

What motivates/ inspires you?

We are fortunate enough to work with a select group of clients that see us not only as an agency, but as partners and a valued consultant. Being able to contribute in every step of bringing a destination property to life creates a more meaningful sense of place. Ensuring consistency of brand voice in every detail—signage to brick through amenity package development—allows us to deliver a more focused and relevant value proposition that gives our client the winning edge. When it all comes together and we see the passion and excitement in the buyers, it keeps me pumped and motivated to push the envelope a little more!

Fun Facts

  • I live at the coast and hate all things seafood…unless hush puppies are considered a seafood, then that is the only exception!
  • I would rather do pilates than drink wine. That is a pretty powerful statement since I do love some wine.
  • I used to be 6’. Now I am 5’11. Has life beat me down or are they making measuring sticks longer these days?