Team Maximum: Meet Jesse

Jesse Jones – Senior Designer / Art Director

Jesse is a North Carolina native that we lured back from New York City where he has worked for the last 11 years as a graphic artist and brand manager for such major bands as J. Crew and Loehmann’s. As Senior Manager of Internet Production with J.Crew, Jesse focused on maximizing user experience and conversion across mobile platforms. Jesse has a wonderful eye for corporate and community branding, logo design, web, mobile and digital design and video editing. As an additional creative expression, Jesse is a stand-up comic. This is a talent we are trying to tie into our annual budget reviews with our clients.

What Motivates/inspires you?
I look for the humor in everything I do. From designing to writing copy to conversation. The humor in any scenario is the truth in that moment. I try to stay in that moment and bring it with me in everything I do.

Fun Facts:
I have also been a working stand-up comic for the past 7 years. I’ve toured the country and worked with some of the biggest names working today. You may have seen me on MTV or Fox!