Search Transformation | Impact On Growing Club Membership

As experts in real estate and luxury club communities, Maximum knows how to grow your private club membership. With a proven track record in high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) marketing, we know how to push both digital and real-life boundaries to direct our clients’ marketing initiatives in a hyper-targeted and effective way. Our process empowers our clients to make the smartest and most efficient investment of their time and marketing spend.

Below are just a few highlights to consider as all of them impact the new customer journey to purchase and how they search and gather information prior to purchasing for club membership:

  • Google ongoing algorithm updates to ensure the user is getting the information they are seeking
  • Google security updates and implementing mobile-first indexing
  • Image and video search becomes more enticing to consumers and they are spending more time-consuming videos.
  • Artificial intelligence interprets big data which becomes available to marketers allowing for hyper-targeting and smarter investments
  • Voice search and smart speakers enter the digital space