Team Maximum—Meet Noelia

I’m a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started as an intern in the Marketing department of one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Latin America. I have worked in the City of Buenos Aires and collaborated in events like Lollapalooza and Buenos Aires Fashion Week. I moved to the USA in May 2015 where I started working as a freelance designer for POSSIBLE Germany. Currently, I’m working at Maximum where I’m expecting to share my experience and to learn from everybody else.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and I earned a certificate in Project Management and Branding Strategy.

What inspires me:
Traveling and visiting different countries. I love learning from cultures and applying what I learned into my life.
Fun facts about myself:
– I hate Mexican food
– I talk in my dreams (in Spanish and English)
– I saw Queen Elizabeth II in a random street in my first trip to London.