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Kathleen Shiels

Kathleen Shiels


Kathleen is a rising senior at UNCW, studying Business with a concentration in Marketing Strategy. She has been creatively driven since she was a child, always having a love for drawing, photography and photo-editing. As former Campus Director for Bumble at UNCW, she has a knack for social media marketing, as well as content creation utilizing guerilla marketing techniques. She is the daughter of a real estate developer/ broker, which gives her a unique advantage, being that she has grown up immersed in this culture. Funnily enough, her first memories as a child were growing up and playing by the intracoastal waterway or the marina at St. James Plantation.

Fun Facts:
  • I lived in three states before turning 10 years old (Being born in Wilmington, NC)
  • I got a kitten at the start of the pandemic, having never had a cat before (big learning experience)
  • I can eat a whole bag of hot cheetos without a sip of water and don’t even tear up


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