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Giovanni Trotta

Giovanni Trotta

Creative Lead

From striking iron in a forge, to set paintings on Broadway, photography studios and now brand identity. Our newest member to Maximum Design, Giovanni Trotta comes from a family of creatives and master blacksmiths. Vintage, industrial and focused is how Gio describes his design style.
Gio is a native of Connecticut and graduated from Quinnipiac University and holds a Bachelors of Art in Graphic & Interactive Design and a minor in Advertising. Gio brings a wide range of skills from his time in the professional sports and fitness technology industry and has a very unique mindset in creative management and art direction. Gio is driven by the “attention to detail” & “think, plan, do” mindset, he creates with those philosophies in mind and uses that to create award winning brands.
Fun Facts:
  • Lives off of cold brew and nothing else
  • Cannot go anywhere without critiquing a brand
  • Loves a great brewery (only if it has stout)


We are always looking for the next big talent with a passion for the industry and a desire to deliver on our core principles. Contact us today if you want help us turn a point on a map into a place in someone’s heart.