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Christine Martin

Christine Martin


Originally from Apex, North Carolina, Christine graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts and graphic design.

Christine’s career began at a digital optimization agency. It was here where an upper management critique of “you do great work, you’re not afraid to fail, and you have the desire to learn” helped her define her career philosophy and set her path for the future.

Over the next decade, Christine worked with Fortune 500 brands and innovative startups working in both agency and corporate environments. As the mobile revolution took hold, her love of digital shifted with a focus on mobile design, UX/UI, and optimization.

In 2013, she became the Creative Director for a large telecommunications corporation. As her management position took her further away from actual creative work, she decided to forge a new, uncharted path. She moved to Wilmington, NC, where she started a very successful freelancing design firm. During this time, she worked with a diverse client base that allowed her to find a niche in UX/UI, design, and strategy implementation, focusing on mobile apps.

In 2017, Christine became the Senior UX/UI designer for eXp Realty, a cutting-edge virtual real-estate company. While there, she designed and strategized the technology, tools, and software that kept the company running behind the scenes. eXp Realty went public in 2018 and surpassed the 1B market cap on its first day of trading. She is proud to have been a part of their immense success.

Because of her incredible experience with mobile technology and user interface design, Maximum recruited Christine to join our senior designer team. We look forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise of UX/UI, optimization, and strategy with Maximum clients.

A great fun fact about Christine is that she and her husband also own and operate their own business together. Formed from their mutual love of nature and conservation, they conceptualize, design, and fabricate immersive exhibits for Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums. Job perks like holding a penguin in your lap, receiving a slobbery kiss from a Camel, and watching children engage and interact with a new exhibit are priceless.

Fun Facts:
  • I can tread water for over 2 hours
  • I collect URLs - I’ve got over 20
  • I love to cook - it’s just edible design!


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