Team Maximum—Meet Noelia

I'm a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started as an intern in the Marketing department of one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Latin America. I have worked in the City of Buenos Aires and collaborated in events like Lollapalooza and Buenos Aires Fashion Week. I moved to the USA in May 2015 [...]

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Team Maximum – Meet Marc

Marc Barbry – Digital Coordinator In his own words: Marc is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Appalachian State University. Since September of 2015, Marc has provided Maximum with a fresh outlook in the realm of Digital and Social Marketing. Marc has a native understanding of social media, website maintenance, and current technology [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Jon

Jonathan Murphy - Creative Director Jon, originally from Massachusetts where he was a brand manager for the major sporting goods brand, Puma, joined Maximum almost 6 years ago. Recently promoted to Creative Director, he is the award-winning brand visionary for many of our clients including: WindRiver in Knoxville, TN; The Grove in College Grove, TN; and [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Mike

Mike Münch— Creative Projects & Accounts Manager Mike is also a North Carolina native and brings an amazingly diverse set of talents to the Maximum team.  Mike is an accomplished photographer with degrees in Photographic Technology, Film Studies & English. He is a talented copywriter, graphic designer and organizational master. Most recently, Mike worked as [...]

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I came across this word as I was reading one of my favorite advertising blogs. Ever have one of those moments when you read or see something and way down deep in your brain something just clicks? This is exactly what happened to me.  I’m not sure when this unfortunate trend started – sentimental, poignant, emotional [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Amy

Amy Tharrington - Principal/ Co-Founder Over her 20+ year career in advertising, Amy has developed industry-leading campaigns that have launched powerful brands and built sales momentum for a diverse list of clients. As co-founder of Maximum Design and Advertising, Amy's artistic direction earned Maximum numerous awards for creative excellence. She has been a featured speaker at [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Benson

Benson Wills – Digital Manager In his own words: My first career was a 9-1-1 supervisor at the Wake County Sheriff’s office. Archaic as they were back in the 80’s, the statewide and federal computer systems sparked my interest in computers and the Internet. I’ve been with Maximum since the beginning – part time at first, [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Kelly

Kelly Burnette  - Principal/ Co-Founder In her own words: I’ve been in the branding and marketing industry since 1993 having worked with a full spectrum of clients ranging from financial houses to professional sports team, from gourmet candy companies to real estate developers. I started my career in the financial district of San Francisco, CA [...]

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