Streaming Devices 2.0

The streaming devices themselves have mostly stayed the same in the last year; the most popular options are still Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire and Prime TV, although many videogame consoles, such as the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, now have streaming capabilities. The major development has not been in [...]

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The Evolution of a Brand

"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." -Steve Jobs It is not enough to create brands that look good. The real skill comes from making brands that are meaningful, relevant, evoke emotion and resonate with their intended [...]

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The First of Its Kind

We’ve known it was coming for a while…but the Apple Watch is almost here! Will you be getting one? There are quite a few big brands jumping in early to integrate with the new product – Target, Fandango, Expedia, American Airlines, Starwood Hotels, American Airlines, ESPN, BMW, Pandora and Citi to name a few. It [...]

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Too Many To Ignore Any Longer

According to a 2013 Pew Research report, 57% of American adults use their cell phones to access the Internet. Even more interesting is the fact that 34% of these users access the internet using their mobile device. To build effective websites for these mobile users, it is possible to proceed in three directions. The first [...]

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Is Social Commerce The Next Big Thing?

Social commerce, I can’t help it, I still really like the idea. Even after reading the very thoughtful piece by Isobar’s Tim Dunn—Why Twitter's Buy-Now Button Won't Be a Gravy Train for Brands–Social Media Still Faces an Uphill Battle as an Ecommerce Platform—I still feel there is a place in the ecommerce world for social [...]

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Over The Rainbow with SEO

Over the years, search engine optimization (SEO) has transformed from a black-hat, super-secret, snake oil type of service to something akin to Jiffy Lube. Everyone knows what goes on at Jiffy Lube – few secrets are there. But you still use them because they get the job done and you don’t have to crawl underneath [...]

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I came across this word as I was reading one of my favorite advertising blogs. Ever have one of those moments when you read or see something and way down deep in your brain something just clicks? This is exactly what happened to me.  I’m not sure when this unfortunate trend started – sentimental, poignant, emotional [...]

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An Impressive Example of Authentic Engagement

As a digital agency, we are the brand voice for a variety of clients.  Daily, we strive to create unique, branded and authentic content.  Recently, I began watching the Arrow television series on Netflix. Roll your eyes if you must, but it is really quite addictive....and the lead character, Stephen Amell, is beautiful!  I digress, [...]

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