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Blaine recently completed her undergraduate degree at The University of North Carolina Wilmington where she played a significant role in the transformation of their Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program. Through this experience, she had the opportunity to implement social engagement tactics, plan events, and create and organize campaigns with clients such as UNCW’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Science and Medical Writing and UNCW’s COM Studies Week. These real-world scenarios combined with a learning environment have prepared her to approach agency tasks with confidence. The final and most prestigious IMC course entitled “Pier 601” is a student run agency where she has been working as a project manager for the 2019 IMC Conference held in Wilmington annually. She is motivated to implement both the skills she has learned throughout her coursework and at Maximum Design into this upcoming project.

Through her degree in UNCW and more specifically the coursework she completed while abroad at the University of Wollongong, she has also discovered an intriguing desire to incorporate graphic design elements into her work. The importance of creative communication inspires her to form a visually pleasing experience in all possible situations.

Fun Facts:
  • I traveled in Australia alone for 6 months when I was 19
  • I have an Instagram account totally dedicated to photos of Wrightsville Beach sunsets


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