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Benson attended North Carolina State University in the late 1970’s but opted for a career in law enforcement as a 9-1-1 center supervisor for the Wake County NC Sheriff’s Department. Upon moving to Western North Carolina, Benson’s interest led him to take an administrative leadership within a real estate sales company. This position allowed Benson the opportunity to use his coding knowledge to revamp the offices database management system for a more efficient workflow.

Benson was an early adopter of online technology. His early interest was sparked by such ancient technology as CompuServe e-mail accounts, z-modem downloads, and bulletin board systems. This early adoption has allowed Benson to follow and understand the changes and trends in online technology. He is highly knowledgeable in the latest trends in web development and email marketing and applies that knowledge for the benefit of all of Maximum Design’s clients.

Fun Facts:
  • I've been around the Internet long enough to have used CompuServe, Zmodem, and PKzip
  • My first and only visit to Canada they almost didn't let me in.


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