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Entity-Based SEO utilizes the context of your search to help answer a user’s query. Entity-based SEO is better suited to complement the way people actually search for information on the internet. This isn’t to say that keywords are not a vital part of any SEO strategy, they are the focal point of any search, but if you only focus on the keyword involved in the search you are not getting the whole picture.

Let’s say you conduct a search for “Washington”. In the results, you will be served information on Washington State, as well as information related to the Washington Post, and George Washington. That’s because Google already understands that each instance above are different entities using the word Washington. Google uses entities to interpret and categorize web pages, establish relationships between other entities to deliver better answers to questions.

Entities vs. Keywords

Simply put, keywords are words or phrases used in searches. The goal of any SEO strategy is to drive organic traffic to your site by ranking for keywords that help customers find your brand on search engines. The reason keywords matter is because they connect the content on your website to the billions of internet searches happening every day.

Entities can be thought of as the larger topic that a keyword relates to. More specifically, an entity concerns any subject that can be linked to the knowledge graphs of search engines, such as the Google Knowledge Graph. For example, Seattle, Mt. Rainier and Olympia are all keywords that are related to the larger entity of Washington. Entities make it possible to understand the meaning of this information as well as the interest of its users.

Benefits of Entity-Based SEO

Recent improvements in natural language processing and A.I. coupled with new search methods like chatbots and digital assistants have made search queries more complicated. Entity-based SEO is better suited to handle these types of searches because results can be based on previous entity knowledge and context to provide a more accurate answer.

Entity-Based SEO also offers your brand an opportunity to increase visibility and attract new customers by expanding the number of keywords your brand can rank for. By targeting ideas and context rather than words or phrases alone, entities build a bigger picture of your content, potentially allowing it to out-perform traditional keyword research methods.

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