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In this blog we will dive a little deeper into the changing landscape of Google search, tying in the importance of a unified SEO and PPC strategy. In order to thrive in the current digital media landscape, you need to invest in a smart SEO and PPC strategy supplemented with reporting and insightful analytics to ensure your brand appears on the first page of Google’s search results.

With such rich results now available in the SERP—Google business listings with menus and contact information, Featured Snippets with answers, related questions with accordion answers, and more—consumers can get the answers they need without even having to click a result—or even finish typing out a query. Users by and large are clicking on videos, images, maps, and relevant articles within Google’s Knowledge Panel rather than selecting an organic search result.

In fact, an Ahref study of 2 million featured snippets revealed that featured snippet gets more traffic than the first organic search result. So, where does that leave you?

Any sound strategy begins with research, competitive landscape analysis, and insights from your analytics. From there, you devise a search engine marketing strategy that focuses on SEO and is complemented by a paid search component that will evolve as your SEO rankings improve.

A good place to start in order to improve your PPC strategy is to make use of Google Search Console’s Queries feature or any other competitive analysis tool like SEM Rush or SpyFu to see where you rank for relevant searches, and which keywords and phrases your competitors are bidding on.

It is extremely important to make sure that your brand is visible in as many eligible result types as possible including video results, direction searches, news articles, and event postings. This is because more and more search queries are being answered by Google, without forcing the user to click a single link. As this trend continues to grow, brands will be forced to accept diminishing click-through-rates as users become more accustomed to finding the answer they seek, front and center on the SERP.

A key to success in the future will be how well you understand your customers purchase journey and can provide them with relevant information. This will go a long way toward establishing your brand as an authority in your industry which is will only become more important because to Google more authority means better placement in search results.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that marketing budgets don’t allow for agencies to be everything to everyone, so it’s critical to understand where you can make the biggest impact on your end goals. No matter which industry you find yourself in, creating a solid SEO strategy complimented with PPC advertising is a strong foundation for success in 2021.

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