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In late 2020, Steve Goggans, majority owner of SGA by Design, approached Maximum Design for a fresh perspective on their brand and online presence. This request led us to recommend a new brand identity, including a name that better positioned them to reach their target audience, and a new website with more engaging content and optimized for an intuitive user experience.

The foundation of every successful business begins with developing a strong, authentic brand and delivering it consistently throughout all consumer touchpoints—whether online, on the phone, or in person. Strategic brand development includes more than creating a logo. It is about creating a brand you can own throughout the digital space and traditional media; how you are different from your competitors, a promise of value, and a promise of a distinct, memorable experience for your target market. Then ensuring the new brand creates the emotion consumers will have when interacting with your brand.

We began the SGA by Design rebranding process by diving into our Brand Discovery process first and foremost. In order to be familiar with the company, it was important to learn about their competitors, target market, company history, as well as goals that they wanted to achieve in the future. Through this process we were able to determine what sets Goggans apart from others in their field and in the minds of their target market.

After gaining those important insights from the Brand Discovery, we began the process of developing a new name and identity. Because of Steve’s reputation and history as a renowned architect in North and South Carolina, we knew that including his name would build immediate brand authority that carried trust and legacy along with it.

The final identity package included the newly designed logo, color palette, fonts, and brand elements, all carrying the new name Goggans Residential Architecture. Included in this finalized product was a Brand Standards Guide: a handbook to ensure correct communication of the Goggans Architecture across all mediums.

Once the new brand identity was complete, we moved into the second part of the client’s request–a better, more engaging website experience that would wow visitors. Using the new brand identity as our guiding light, we created a cohesive and beautiful new website that better told the Goggans story and showcased their impeccable work. Content was curated for each page to ensure that the narrative was consistent and connected no matter the order a visitor decided to click through the site.

The result of our work with Goggans Residential Architecture is a fresh, modern brand that exudes professionalism, and conveys Goggans’ passion and expertise in creating truly extraordinary spaces.