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Inspiration and smart, creative thinking can be found everywhere. At Maximum, we are always looking for new inspiration to keep our creative wheels turning. We look both inside and outside of our niche market of real estate and luxury communities for creative genius. Below are a few brands that have inspired us lately.


Eye catching photography is everything in our business. Having great photos can make or break a marketing campaign. Our goal is to use the highest quality, luxurious imagery for our clients while remaining authentic.  One company that inspires us with their use of photography is Inspirato. They use emotional, dramatic photography to draw in their viewers. Each use is a true showcase of their beautiful vacation destinations.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful and effective form of marketing, but you have to stand out from the flood of e-messages. In an oversaturated medium how do you get noticed? By being creative, smart and consistent. We want anyone receiving an email from our clients to look forward to seeing what’s inside. To stay up to date on e-marketing that works, we look outside our niche to the retail world. A great example of e-marketing is Kate Spade. Their strong use of imagery and calls-to-action get noticed. There is a comfort in their consistency of layout, but each email is very vibrant and different from the last.

Along with imagery, subject lines matter. The mattress company Casper gets outside the box in a great way. Emphasize something no one thinks to celebrate- Daylight Savings Time- is so creative, smart and brand perfect. This kind of standout thinking really is inspirational.

Website Design

We are always looking to better the User Experiences (UX) for the websites we design. Searching for new and unique ways to position our brand stories through engaging layouts and curated page content is vitally important for what we do. One of our recent favorite sites is MaryCulter House, a hotel in the United Kingdom. Maryculter House’s website is a modern masterpiece; their moody imagery, clean designs and consistent copy demonstrate how to design the ideal User Experience. We love their “Stay with us, Dine with us, Tie the knot with us” for creating a great user path through the website. Elegant, cohesive websites are something we love to see done well.

Social Media

As a brand, it is important to be adaptable when change is necessary. We were recently motivated by Destination BC’s ability to launch a successful social media campaign relevant to their audiences and circumstances.

They started a hashtag campaign called #ExploreBCLater as a spinoff of their original hashtag, #ExploreBC as a way to encourage travelers to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.