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In the field of social media, marketers are in a constant battle of staying relevant. The latest trends, features, and algorithms can cause a marketer to take an entirely different approach to utilizing social media. These platforms are always trying to keep up with societal trends and finding ways to keep their users engaging. Being aware of the upcoming changes in the social media world will ultimately help you and your business continue to grow its online presence and convert that traffic into sales.

Facebook Logo



From a 28-Day Attribution Model to 7-Day

Facebook has a feature allowing the user to track their traffic over long periods of time, known as the 28-day attributions model. The changes have shortened the overview time to 7-days of direct response performance, limiting the capacity of advanced insights and a general overview of the impact ads had on the reach. Facebook announced these changes were put into effect because of outside data tracking policies.

Quick Tip: If you’re worried about losing your past attribution models, it may be beneficial to download your data to track performance history.

Removal of Ad Targeting Options

Facebook has recently announced its removal of over 1,000 ad targeting options due to its lack of usage or similarity to other categories. Facebook’s reasoning centered around its efforts to simplify and streamline targeting options for its users and create a more valuable experience. Facebook previously deleted more than 5,000 ad targeting categories due to potential discriminatory targeting. Some of the ad targeting options that will be updated include removing multicultural affinity and the combination of military personnel.

Quick Tip: Interest-based audiences are not as strong as Lookalike audiences, so this change should have little impact on most businesses.

Additional Ability to Use Text in Images

Facebook has removed restrictions mandating ad images include no more than 20% text. Facebook noted that this setting was in place to increase the general user experience. Marketers found this 20% rule to be subjective.

Quick tip: Although this change is one less hurdle to cross in ad creation, statistics show better performance on images maintaining no more than 20% text.

Instagram Logo



Introduction of Reels

To increase engagement through short, thirty-second videos, Instagram has introduced a new feature called Reels. Reels resembles the recent phenomenon of Tiktok, but with a more concise styling format. When posted, these videos allow businesses to be found throughout the Explore tab, which can reach a new and broader Instagram audience. This application is still a work in progress but has had very promising results as far.

Quick tip: Offer homebuyer tips or showcase homes that are on the market to attract potential buyers.

Merge of Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages

Introduced as “The New Way to Message on Instagram”, Facebook Messenger has taken over the old Instagram chat system and replaced it with Facebook’s messenger system. Now, the Facebook Messenger logo will appear in the top right corner of Instagram with added features, including a more colorful chat, emoji reactions, swipe-to-reply, and the ability to chat with friends who use Facebook. Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the hopes of this are to become a more direct competitor of Apple iMessage.

Quick tip: One of the added features of this merger is the Watch Together, which allows people to watch videos from Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels on group video calls.

Instagram Story Maps

Instagram is launching a new way to make old Instagram stories easier to find with a new map and calendar view. Storys dating back to around 2017 will appear in the calendar layout of the archive setting. They will remain private and visible only to you unless you have decided to post publicly. This way, businesses can pinpoint their older stories and create highlights on their main profile.

Quick tip: To locate this option, head to the three lines at the top right corner, then to the archives, then story archives. You will find all your previous stories listed in three different layouts.

Pinterest Logo

Pin Stories Feature

Pinterest has joined in with other social media platforms by introducing their version of a Story. Users will have the option to tell dynamic and visual stories using videos, voiceovers, images, and text overlay to create a more engaging and actionable Story Pin. This new addition allows businesses to reach their maximum potential with the ability to create a step-by-step guide, improve targeting with topic tagging, curate a collection of products, and tell a story in a brand new way.

Quick tip: Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest Story Pins do not disappear after 24 hours. Instead, you can find them via a search for months after the initial post.

New Advertisement Slots

Pinterest has realized the increase in the use of its application for online shopping over the past year. Because of this, the company has added more ad slots for businesses to integrate ads into more shopping experiences across Pinterest. Advertisers will now be able to place their ads in the Pinterest Lens, the Shop tab, and shopping matches on Pins. This update will provide new ways to maximize exposure for their products on the platform and for Pinners to find related products.

Quick tip: Promoted Pins operate on a Cost Per Click basis. When utilizing this feature, don’t start with the maximum CPC Pinterest recommends; start small, and slowly increase until you get the desired results.

Revised Feed Ranking

The use of Pinterest has skyrocketed during the last year due to the lockdown restrictions from COVID-19. The growth of online shopping has transitioned Pinterest to the new shopping mall. Adding organic and paid posts on Pinterest to capitalize on this shift will undoubtedly result in increased sales. To improve user experience, Pinterest has begun showing users relevant Pin results based on their previous Pins. This update included more accurately predicting the more relevant pins to users, separating the model predictions from the ranking layer, and enabling stakeholders to adjust ranking based on business needs quickly.

Quick tip: Videos have become the most engaging content type across all platforms, Pinterest included. Video views on Pinterest has increased more than 3x over the previous year.

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