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By now, most of our clients at Maximum Design & Advertising are implementing video throughout their digital strategy–and for a good reason! Videos are consumed at a much higher rate than static images and, if used properly, are an effective way of telling your brand story within a matter of seconds or minutes. This quick guide will help you determine how video length and content can be optimized based on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Recommended Video Length: 30 seconds or under.

Recommended Content: Instagram videos need to get your audience’s attention incredibly fast. Start with a friendly face, incredible home detail, or a stunning landscape. Actionable messages should be incorporated within the first 5 seconds of an Instagram video to ensure urgency and engagement. Make sure your call-to-action (CTA) is also repeated in the video description.

IGTV: Because IGTV (Instagram TV) is voluntarily watched by followers, videos can exceed the 30-second rule and can contain more robust information. Content should be more conversational and informative, and your CTAs should be present but less aggressive. A home walkthrough is a good example of IGTV usage. Make sure to shoot your IGTV videos vertically!

Recommended Video Length: 30 – 90 seconds

Recommended Content: Much like Instagram, Facebook also needs to engage your audience from the start. However, Facebook audiences are more prone to watch longer, so it’s ok to include more information! It is still important to have an actionable CTA within the first 5 seconds and throughout the video. Remember, the description below the video is always present, so be sure to include your call-to-action there as well!

Recommended Video Length: :30 seconds – 2 mins

Recommended Content: YouTube audiences have knowingly come to you for longer content. This could be a great indicator that they’re consuming your video content from other (shorter) sources like Instagram or Facebook and want to see more. In fact, pushing viewers to “See More…” or “See Full Video at…” from social platforms to your website’s YouTube feed is the perfect way to engage viewers, and move prospects through your sales funnel. Meanwhile, the CTA’s on the YouTube videos themselves should get prospects to inquire for more information with a phone number or website URL address.

Although YouTube allows for a whopping 12 hours, it’s still important to be mindful of video lengths based on audience expectations. Try to keep your marketing video runtimes at-or-under two minutes. Exceptions to the rule would include interviews, testimonials, or instructional videos, which can still maintain strong engagement between 5 and 10 minutes.

YouTube Ads: Advertisements on YouTube have become a great way to grow an audience, or re-engage with viewers who have been to your website. These short ads are typically shown prior to the video that the user has selected. However, they can also be shown in different sections of longer videos, like a more traditional commercial break. Purchased ads on YouTube can either be skippable or non-skippable, with the latter having higher engagement results. “Skippable” means that the viewer will have the option to “Skip Ad” within a few seconds of watching, making it very important that you have call-to-action early on in the video.

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