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For over two years, Maximum has been busy behind the scenes providing all marketing services to bring Windsong Ranch’s newest and most revolutionary amenity to life – THE LAGOON. THE LAGOON is a five-acre body of crystal-clear water surrounded by white sandy beaches; bringing a Caribbean lifestyle to North Texas. It has captured not only the fascination of the greater Dallas area but has also exploded virally nationwide.

Our responsibilities have included collaborating with real-estate developers to construct an initial vision for the project, develop and execute the marketing strategy leading up to and including both BIG events; THE LAGOON VIP Grand Opening and the Public Reveal. This included strategic collaboration, communication, design, and execution of all tactical initiatives, personalized and customized campaign messaging throughout. Even the smallest details that have arisen along the way received 100% of Maximum’s attention. The time has come for us to show how hard work and dedication have brought THE LAGOON to life.

The Maximum team has been on-site in Prosper, TX for the VIP Grand Reveal, sharing and live streaming to keep the audience up to date through our social pages. Visit our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for the most recent updates. The VIP Grand Open is coming up on June 28th followed by the Public Reveal on June 29th, so join us in celebrating!


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