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Are you capturing all the leads from your search campaigns? Are there opportunities you are missing?  If someone asked you if your brand leads the competition in rank for branded and non-branded terms, would you know the answer? Is your competition acquiring those qualified leads instead of you? What are your primary and secondary keywords/phrases that your brand is associated with? With the constant updates to Google’s algorithm, which is comprised of 200+ factors each weighed differently, it is very important to comply with best search engine optimization (SEO) practices in order to have a prominent position, maintain rankings within your industry, and most importantly, get found online by your potential customer throughout their journey to purchase.

Where to Start?

In an increasingly complicated field, you begin with research, competitive landscape analysis, and insights from your analytics. Next, you devise a search engine marketing strategy that focuses on SEO and is complemented by a paid search component that will evolve as your SEO rankings improve. This investment is long term but can make a huge difference in the quantity and quality of leads that come to your website as you engage with them to earn their trust.

Let’s say you’ve invested in a paid search campaign (PPC) and are driving leads to your website. Did you know that you are only reaching ~15% of the 100% potential search traffic (reach) for that specific keyword? Studies have indicated that Google’s Page 1 organic clicks account for 71.3% of possible search volume for non-branded search terms. These same studies reported that Google’s search engine page rankings (SERP) for a non-branded keyword/keyword phrase generated the click-through rates by position listed below.  With the assistance of analytics, you can use your SERP to estimate the potential traffic to your website along with their conversions.

  • 67.6% of all clicks occur on the first 5 positions on page 1
  • 3.7% of all clicks occur on positions 6 through 10 on page 1
  • 5.6% of all clicks occur on page 2 and page 3

As you can see from these stats, it’s not enough just to implement a paid search campaign alone because you are missing out on huge opportunities for qualified leads from organic search results.

PPC Is Not Enough

PPC is only temporary and provides marketers with instant gratification with zero long-term investment.  Your brand is not building authority nor trust with potential customers. Since key factors are weighted heavily in Google’s algorithm, you need to focus on improving them to rank in Google’s search results. Ask yourself, do you click on organic or paid ads? If you are like most people, you’ll click on the top 5 organic results. It’s been proven that visitors who come to the website via organic search results equate to a much higher qualified lead.

The bottom line is this: you need to invest in a smart SEO and PPC strategy supplemented with reporting and insightful analytics to ensure your brand appears on the first page of Google’s search results when searching branded terms and in order to rank high in key niche non-branded keyword phrases.

Maximum Design’s SEO Checklist

  • Develop a content calendar
  • Create new fresh content continuously
  • Ensure URL structure is crawlable and its content is easily parsed & indexed
  • Understand your customer & how they search
  • Research what Google considers relevant to your industry’s searches
  • Use primary, secondary, & long-tail keyword/phrases searchers use to find answers to problems or questions they may have, in all marketing tactics  
  • Strategically incorporate keyword strategy into public-facing content on your website
  • Update all critical metadata for key pages; title tags, descriptions, alt tags, etc
  • Optimize page speed across devices, browsers, operating systems
  • Implement a link strategy for amplification with authoritative sites
  • Implement a viral social strategy across key networks

Maximum Design Can Help You

In conclusion, if you are not sure you are spending your money wisely based on the resources you have in place, Maximum Design & Advertising, Inc. can help you. As a real estate marketing agency with 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to achieve more insightful analytics and build your SEO and PPC strategy. We believe that spending more money isn’t always the best solution; sometimes, you can earn better results by optimizing the money you already have earmarked for marketing. With more resources and in-depth marketing experience, we will make it easier for you to achieve the best result possible.

Please contact Kelly ([email protected]) or Amy ([email protected]) or call (910) 256-2320. We’d be happy to talk with you and answer questions that you may have.