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Earlier this month, Google revealed their plan for breathing new life into its Gmail service, by utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages and according to Google, integrating this feature into email will give brands the ability to“…integrate new interactive tools into email, such as the ability to browse websites, RSVP to events and complete forms without you leaving the platform.”

Google hopes by bringing their Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP’s to Gmail will make email more ‘dynamic, up-to-date and actionable’ and increase open and click-through rates by dramatically increasing what emails are capable of.

How Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Change E-Commerce

Imagine being able to order that new pair of shoes, or book a flight without having to navigate through multiple sites—that is what AMP’s within Gmail will offer consumers—the ability for entire transactions to take place within the body of an email.

What This Means for Brands

The key takeaway for brands is that by introducing AMP’s to the Gmail platform, brands can reduce the steps consumers must take to complete a desired action. The hope is that by simplifying the process, brands will reduce the possibility of losing consumers and increase conversions by allowing the action to be completed on the spot.

Putting Data to Work in Real-Time

Google’s seemingly infinite database of consumer data will give brands the ability to send emails full of content that is personalized to meet the individual users interests and purchase patterns.

 As people begin to interact with these Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google will then have access to even more detailed consumer data, which could lead to a greater understanding of the individual consumer, what drives them to engage, and most importantly, what drives them to convert.

Brands will now have the ability to integrate live data into their AMP’s, which will allow consumers to browse up-to-the-minute inventory, which is also personalized to their interests. This could lead to more purchases, reservations, and a greater chance for engagement with future emails.

The Way of the Future

As more brands embrace Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages there will be an opportunity to embrace more engaging content strategies that are tailored to the individual.

Brands who are slow to adapt may begin to notice a decrease in open and click-through rates as consumers ignore traditional email formats in lieu of Google’s more personalized and uncomplicated approach.

As a certified Google Partner, our team at Maximum Design & Advertising has the expertise to guarantee that your brand is positioned to greatly benefit from this new and exciting email format.

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