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2016 was quite a year for us here at Maximum Design and Advertising— we have a lot to be proud of. We built upon our client’s previous successes, gained valuable insights into the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, and even welcomed a few new clients into the Maximum family.

We saw the ascension of a new king of the digital realm this year. Mobile has successfully overtaken desktop and laptop computers as the primary medium for consuming digital content¬ and believe it or not, this is not solely due to Millienials. According to a study conducted by Ooyala, Baby Boomers spend more time each week engaged with digital content that Gen X-ers or Millennials. Maximum anticipated this change and designed mobile sites for our clients that set the standard for a more immersive mobile experience.

2016 saw an increase in the use of video to tell a story or deliver a call to action that is dynamic, engaging, and concise. In conjunction with earlier findings on the use of mobile, 92% of people who watched a video via their mobile device shared that video with others. This finding revealed that consumers not only preferred to digest their information via video but that they were more likely to share that information with others.

Another main takeaway from this year is consumption, and we’re not talking about stuffing your face at the dinner table. Industry research has revealed that the average person is consuming media across 5 different devices and as a result, we rolled out content designed for our clients that’s completely immersive, dynamic, and consistent, no matter the device.

Every year sees the introduction of new technology, insights, and trends that force us to adapt our strategies and designs to remain at the forefront of Advertising and Design. Contact us today, and let us bring your brand up to speed!