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The digital world is ever-changing and its impact on Real Estate marketing is real and impressive. As a way to keep our friends and clients updated on this evolving marketing realm, Maximum has decided to start a new series of client and industry focused emails called Maximum QuickBrief! We hope you find these enlightening, interesting and useful as we help you to navigate the wide and powerful world that we call Digital Marketing.

Here are a few items we have been working on the past month…

Mobile Monitoring and Updates
What used to be considered an add-on is now a necessity. If you’re not thinking mobile first, then you’re already behind—Thankfully the Maximum team is always thinking ahead of the game—as mobile devices have become the primary screen for most social media users as well as one of the top ways users open email.

In the past month, the industry has been talking about Google’s announcement to release a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that’s designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in mobile search results. The mobile-friendly algorithm is an on or off algorithm, on a page-by-page basis – it is not about how mobile-friendly your pages are, it is – are you mobile-friendly or not. Maximum has been updating and reviewing all client mobile sites so we can keep up with these changes and make sure our sites are always mobile-friendly.

Extended Search Headlines Become the Norm
Currently, SEM headlines can extend to include the first line of description copy when that line ends with a punctuation mark. This formatting has only been available to ads served in the mainline, but now that the right rail ads are gone, Google can change the convention text ad formatting system-wide.

The big difference in this test is that the text ads will feature a double (extended) headline and the full 70-80 character count of description copy. As Advertisers, Maximum gets to have our cake and eat it, too! Our team will be working to update and add new text to entice searchers to click on your ads.

SEO Reviews
Content is still king, the competition for visibility has never been stronger in the industry. With the rising advertising costs, optimizing your organic content is at its highest demand. The Maximum team has been utilizing site and industry data to review current SEO strategies for our clients and making updates as we go.

Webhosting updates
MXM is working to better the experience for all client sites and has started making updates to our web hosting which will allow us better technology for items like staging sites, backup points, distributed image hosting (CDN) and faster site loading speed. Be on the lookout for a call about this in the near future.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this months edition of our Maximum QuickBrief, check back again soon to keep up with latest in the world of Real Estate Marketing!