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The popular image and video-sharing app, Instagram is in the process of launching many new tools that will benefit primarily smaller businesses. The addition of analytics will be a major factor in this new update, providing businesses with insights into two areas: follower demographics and post analytics.

This update will allow Maximum to gain information on their followers that can lead to more effective marketing strategies. Information including followers’ age, location, and gender are examples of how the digital team at Maximum can examine the types of people most interested in their product. Our team would even have the ability to track how many followers that they have gained on a daily, or hourly basis complete with graphs and charts so that data can be interpreted more effectively.

Impressions are possibly the most important statistic that Instagram is planning to include in the new update. Instagram has already updated the functionality of their timeline from showing the most recent posts to an algorithmic-based formula. This means that the most popular posts will be shown before less popular posts, even if they were put up more recently. This is undeniably similar to the strategy Facebook has taken with their timeline format, posts being in chronological order no matter the popularity of the post. This strategy has been a success for Facebook, and it seems that Instagram is simply following suit.

Maximum has mastered this with Facebook with a proven track record with clients and is ready and willing to tackle this new Instagram functionality not only to benefit our clients but to grow our own digital footprint.

According to an Instagram spokesperson, they are “testing new business tools coming to Instagram in a few months.”But rest assured that the team at Maximum is prepared to take full advantage of the update as soon as it is made available!

Note that screenshots shown above were taken when the Instagram interface was blue and white, rather than the black and white it is currently.