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Overview of our approach to new clients and projects: It is the goal of Maximum Design & Advertising, Inc. to create branding, marketing and digital strategies for selling real estate that are not simply acceptable or feasible but rather extremely focused and overwhelmingly successful.

Each of our clients is unique in experience, space, approach, offerings and culture. It’s these differences that make them special and, most importantly, make them marketable. We seek to gain an extraordinary understanding of these differences and use them to create meaningful brands, effective marketing strategies and/or successful sales events for our clients.

Additionally, we understand consumers and where they are going in the not too distant future. We employ a combination of traditional methods along with fully integrated, online and social analysis to listen to consumer’s conversations—their thoughts, needs, aspirations and their decision-making criteria.

The objective for Maximum, when creating a brand, marketing campaign or a sales event for a client, is to tell a story that triggers emotions within buyers and to make a sustainable connection that is relevant to them.

What was the client’s objective? Maximum was engaged to re-position an existing luxury golf and country club community located in Williamson County, Tennessee—a very competitive and active market place.

What we did: Maximum evaluated the The Grove’s broker and buyer’s market, brand position, services, offering, area differentiators, determined strengths/weaknesses, competitive environment and conducted broker interviews. We also conducted a digital footprint analysis that included online sentiment analysis, social reach, monitor and/or initiate online forum discussions to gain further insight into market perceptions and opportunities.


Brand Re-position

The new brand is on par with the luxury, club and estate lifestyle found at The Grove. Rich, dramatic and highly emotional photography and messaging is used to evoke visions of a privileged lifestyle, exceptional amenities, and artisan-built estate homes—unlike any other community in middle Tennessee.

Strategic Development

    Collateral and Process Development
    Digital Marketing


    1. Website development
    1. SEO
    1. Re-targeting Display
    1. Paid Search
    1. Facebook Ads
    1. Monthly Email Campaign
    1. Social Media
      1. Branded Content Development and Management
      1. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter


In December 2014, The Grove’s website traffic was coming from the following sources:

• Organic Search – 1,267

• Direct – 967

• Referral – 499

Total website sessions: 2,733

As of April 2015, website traffic has increased due to the following additional initiatives:

• Organic Search – 2,212

• Direct – 1,004

• Referral – 2,934*

• Paid Search – 3,429

Total website sessions: 9,579

*Referral includes Facebook and email campaigns. Website traffic has increased by 3.5x with a combination of online and offline marketing


• February 2014—52, February 2015—93

• March 2014— 82, March 2015—203

• April 2014—65, April 2015—119