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We’ve known it was coming for a while…but the Apple Watch is almost here! Will you be getting one?

There are quite a few big brands jumping in early to integrate with the new product – Target, Fandango, Expedia, American Airlines, Starwood Hotels, American Airlines, ESPN, BMW, Pandora and Citi to name a few. It makes sense for these brands to be early to integrate given what function they would provide a consumer, such as checking sports, banking or travel updates.

Do we all need to start building apps and sites specifically for the Apple Watch? The reality is we don’t know what we don’t know about both this product and how consumers will use it. It’s priced at $349 minimum. We are interested to see how 2015 shakes out for sales and adoption of the new product. There is NO DOUBT that people will love this new product…

As marketers in the real estate space, what does it mean for our clients? On average, we see 25-40% of site traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices. Recently, we’ve seen tablet consumption greater then mobile for many of our retirement community clients. Do we think our clients need to rush out to design apps and sites for the Apple Watch? No, not yet. We will continue to watch this new device, consumer use and adoption rates for our clients.

It reminds us of when the original iPhone came out many, many moons ago. Do you want to place bets on who buys the most of the Apple Watch in 2015? Will it be the younger generation, road warriors, moms with kids who are on the go or those with more expendable income? We would place bets that it’s not the baby boomers as they are gravitating to bigger devices not smaller ones. What do you think?

Author: Katie McCormick – VP of Digital & New Business Development (More about Katie HERE)