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Overview of our approach to new clients and projects:
It is the goal of Maximum Design & Advertising, Inc. to create branding, marketing and digital
strategies for selling real estate that are not simply acceptable or feasible but rather extremely focused
and overwhelmingly successful.

Each of our clients is unique in experience, space, approach, offerings and culture. It’s these
differences that make them special and, most importantly, make them marketable. We seek to gain an
extraordinary understanding of these differences and use them to create meaningful brands, effective
marketing strategies and/or successful sales events for our clients.

Additionally, we understand consumers and where they are going in the not too distant future. We
employ a combination of traditional methods along with fully integrated, online and social analysis to
listen to consumer’s conversations—their thoughts, needs, aspirations and their decision-making

The objective for Maximum, when creating a brand, marketing campaign or a sales event for a client,
is to tell a story that triggers emotions within buyers and to make a sustainable connection that is
relevant to them.

What was the client’s objective?: The Landings is Savannah’s premier island community located on
the 6,500-acre Skidaway Island with a range of real estate and world-class amenities in coastal
Georgia. Maximum was tasked with redefining the 40-year-old brand as well as build a digital
footprint that will allow The Landings to eliminate exorbitant print media expenditures.

What we did:We let the 3 C’s guide our approach. The Landings needed to be Clean,
Contemporary, Classy and we focused on a color palette for the brand that exudes the vibrant,
carefree island lifestyle of The Landings. The colors include the succulent coral hues of melons and
peaches, the cool blues of tides and cumulus clouds on a summer day.

The new tagline is “Savannah’s choice for island living.” “Savannah’s choice” indicates privacy with
proximity and superiority over area island alternatives. “Island living” references the strength of
being a private island, as well as creating a mental image of the lifestyle associated with coastal
living. “Savannah” is an immediate location indicator.


Brand Re-position
The end result is a complete brand refresh – tone, message and mark. This allows The Landings to
compete as a vibrant, active and highly sought after location for families and retirees.

Strategic Development

      Collateral and Process Development
      Digital Marketing
        Website development
        Re-targeting Display
        Paid Search
        Facebook Ads
        Monthly Email Campaign
      Social Media
        Branded Content Development and Management
        Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter

We started working with The Landings Company in May 2014.
At that time, the website traffic was coming from the following sources:
• Organic Search – 11,900
• Direct – 4,200
• Referral – 1,200
Total website sessions: 17,300

As of April 2015, website traffic has increased due to the following additional initiatives:
• Organic Search – 10,300
• Direct – 3,700
• Referral – 2,000
• Paid Search – 3,900
• Email – 1,000
Total website sessions: 20,900

The Landings Company has crushed their sales numbers. Below are recent results:
• In December 2013, The Landing Company had 84 leads. In December 2014, they had 215
• In December 2014, they had 13k visit their website vs. 19k in January 2015.
• In January 2014, they sold 17 homes. In January 2015, they sold 45…yes, 45 homes

Client Testimonial
“The new website looks great and although I “knew” what I wanted, it was the Maximum Design
team that brought it to fruition by giving it color, design, layout & life that brought it all together. We
made the right choice.”
– Raoul Rushin, President of The Landings Company