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It’s been really hard not to notice a huge shift in advertising –> Enter “Naked Advertising.”  Let me take a step back, cable seems to be winning the race as far as TV.  As a result, the shows have become a bit more racy and thus the advertising for said shows has led to “naked advertising.”  Have you noticed this too?

Here are a few examples that I’ve noticed recently:

  1. “Undress Me” ads –The premise of the viral video was total strangers undressing each other and climbing into bed.  Can you say awkward?  Yet, it seems to have resonated with consumers.  As of this post, there have been over 10 million views. Is the success based on the naked factor? Or interest in the new series? Will this translate into TV viewership? They say ‘sex sells’ so I’d say initial viewership numbers will be high.    View HERE! 
  2. “Dating Naked” – The concept is basically blind dating dialed up to super fast forward. The video was obviously created to ensure immediate viral status—currently with 1.5+ million views. The video has couples dancing naked through the streets of LA.  I actually don’t know what to say about this one. While the dance moves are impressive, I am thankful for the strategically blurred areas!  View HERE!
  3. “Naked and Afraid” – Let’s not forget the popular TV series, now in it’s 3rd season, “Naked and Afraid.”  I have to admit to watching this show —not for the nakedness, but for the shear stupidity of what people will put themselves through for $20,000. These experienced survivalists face some of the toughest survival challenges—naked and ‘exposed’ to every type of bug you could imagine!  View the Facebook page HERE

And then, what about the recent nude bike ride through Portland? The media coverage was international, 1 million page views in 48 hours! The ride was to promote the vulnerability of bike riding in a world dominated by cars. Hence, the naked component. What was interesting is the media covered the ride, but the reason for it, not so much.

I wonder what’s next…what about a reality series featuring naked chefs (ewww) or a series that follows New York’s fascination with naked yoga… I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg in naked reality.

Author: Amy Tharrington – Principal/ C0-Founder (More about Amy HERE)