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Social commerce, I can’t help it, I still really like the idea. Even after reading the very thoughtful piece by Isobar’s Tim Dunn—Why Twitter’s Buy-Now Button Won’t Be a Gravy Train for Brands–Social Media Still Faces an Uphill Battle as an Ecommerce Platform—I still feel there is a place in the ecommerce world for social commerce, a big place. But, it does beg the question—Why hasn’t it taken off, yet?

One issue that keeps coming to my mind is control over my credit card information. Logging my card information into a site such as Twitter where I am seemingly one click away from a purchase is a bit too “free wheeling” for me. If you can get into my account can you get access to my credit card? Probably, yes.

But what if the credit card companies were the source for social commerce. You setup a “social spending” account THROUGH your credit card company. Then, when you hit the “Buy-Now Button,” you are prompted to put in your completely separate “credit password” which is not tied in any way to your social login. Could that work? I would be willing to try it.

THIS is definitely a step in the right direction!


Author: Kelly Burnette – Principal/ Co-Founder (More about Kelly HERE)