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What was the client’s objective?

What do you do when you are coming out of the ground with a 2,200-acre new, master-planned community located in one of the most competitive counties in the United States for real estate developments? You make sure your selling features are positioned as extremely unique and your amenity offering is branded as a one-of-a-kind in the geographical area.

What we did

We took a very hard look at the competitors as they compared to Compass Pointe so we could clearly define exactly what Compass Pointe had or could enhance to feel like a one-of-a-kind community. We developed a “Resort at Home” position with unique branding, friendly and approachable marketing out-reach, appealing and exciting online and social engagement, a unique selling approach for using traveling private parties to target market areas, captivating onsite events and follow-up and referral programs to keep prospective buyers actively engaged with the property. Two of the more interesting components we created were an online reality interior design show featuring seven cast members from across the country vying for $25,000 in cash and a signature drink tied to the first big amenity opening entitled “The Grand Lanai Mai Tai.” This drink was so popular that it is still served today at property owner events.  The campaign consisted of the following:

  • A landing page for online registration
  • Email campaign
  • Print invitations
  • Event promotional materials
  • Support materials for parties (i.e. video presentation, handouts and signage)

End result

What we created for the developer and the sales team was an excited, engaged group of potential buyers who were eager to become a part of this new community. It is important to note that this all happened during one of the biggest real estate recessions in recent history. Now, Compass Pointe is a well-known community that is successfully competing with communities much larger and farther along in the development cycle. We like to say we successfully created “a community before a community existed.”