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I came across this word as I was reading one of my favorite advertising blogs. Ever have one of those moments when you read or see something and way down deep in your brain something just clicks? This is exactly what happened to me.  I’m not sure when this unfortunate trend started – sentimental, poignant, emotional or just flat out gut-wrenching advertising, but there was no ignoring it is out in full force.  This year’s Super Bowl was a perfect example. I remember sitting through one sad, melodramatic commercial after another, waiting for the inevitable humorous, light-hearted ads to begin. By halftime, it was too much. Yes, advertising should make people feel something. But guilt, sadness and self-loathing is not it. I cannot wait for this trend to die. I’ll bet someone will do a commercial about sadvertisings untimely demise and we will all cry.

Author: Amy Tharrington – Principal/ C0-Founder (More about Amy HERE)