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As a digital agency, we are the brand voice for a variety of clients.  Daily, we strive to create unique, branded and authentic content.  Recently, I began watching the Arrow television series on Netflix. Roll your eyes if you must, but it is really quite addictive….and the lead character, Stephen Amell, is beautiful!  I digress, back to the point I was trying to make…As I was searching online for spoilers, I came across his Facebook page.  I couldn’t stop myself, I had to check it out.  You can check out his Facebook profile  at:


I braced myself to find another disappointing celebrity channel with large lag time between new content, blatant self promotion or political grandstanding.

Imagine my surprise to see a celebrity get it.  He totally, without question, gets it.  Amell is posting regularly, makes no apologies for his content, says what he wants and calls out all haters.  It is very entertaining.  Fans love his personal engagement—he posts when he will be holding live chats, answers fan questions, encourages fans to send in memes (and posts them), talks about his family life, etc.  He makes his fans feel like they know him, part of the inner circle.  The fan loyalty, support and reach is something most celebrities could only hope for.  I have seen his fan growth go from 800,000 to a over a million in mere months!  Go check out Stephen’s Facebook page (yes, we are now on a first name basis).

Look up your favorite celebrity. Is their engagement authentic, consistent and  meaningful? Does it make you want to make the effort to check in regularly? Well done Stephen Amell, well done indeed! #Arrow #digital #greatjob

Author: Amy Tharrington – Principal/ Co-founder  (More about Amy HERE)