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Amazon announced their new Amazon Fire TV last week. The current players in the streaming device space are Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3 and Google Chromecast.

This is a space (like so many others) that we are patiently watching to see how it unfolds. If this takes off as we anticipate, the entire TV industry will be turned upside down. Look at what’s happened already in the music and book industries.

Over the last few years, it’s been interesting to listen to folks give their POV on the various players in the streaming TV space. The problem (to date) has been a lack of video app partners. And let’s be honest, are we ready yet to let go of our cable subscriptions? But now, that’s all changing. We heard a rumor that Apple is talking to Comcast. Say what? Imagine if you could watch any show you wanted the moment they were published as opposed to on a specific night? Well as ad geeks, we would no longer talk about TV ratings.

Who is your pick? Kelly’s pick is Apple TV. Katie’s pick remains Chromecast. And no, neither of us are willing to give up our cable subscriptions just yet.


Author: Katie McCormick – VP of Digital & New Business Development (More about Katie HERE)