Let’s Talk About Wearable Tech

First and foremost, we LOVE the term and the idea of “wearable tech.” Wall Street thinks that wearable technology will be a $50 billion industry in the next 3-5 years. It’s currently a $5 billion industry. Let’s this start conversation by breaking down the current categories of wearable tech– activity/ fitness trackers, eyeglasses technology, smart [...]

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Beware of Shiny Object Syndrome

Yes, we are geeks, which by definition means we LOVE to stay abreast of all the latest in emerging technology. The daily challenge, however, is to figure out what new emerging technology is a “shiny object” and what’s something that has potential for mass reach and can drive ROI for our clients. We know it [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Amy

Amy Tharrington - Principal/ Co-Founder Over her 20+ year career in advertising, Amy has developed industry-leading campaigns that have launched powerful brands and built sales momentum for a diverse list of clients. As co-founder of Maximum Design and Advertising, Amy's artistic direction earned Maximum numerous awards for creative excellence. She has been a featured speaker at [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Benson

Benson Wills – Digital Manager In his own words: My first career was a 9-1-1 supervisor at the Wake County Sheriff’s office. Archaic as they were back in the 80’s, the statewide and federal computer systems sparked my interest in computers and the Internet. I’ve been with Maximum since the beginning – part time at first, [...]

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Team Maximum: Meet Kelly

Kelly Burnette  - Principal/ Co-Founder In her own words: I’ve been in the branding and marketing industry since 1993 having worked with a full spectrum of clients ranging from financial houses to professional sports team, from gourmet candy companies to real estate developers. I started my career in the financial district of San Francisco, CA [...]

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