Team Maximum: Meet Nicole

Nicole is a graduate of Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design Communication and Photography. She began her professional career in the Public Relations department […]

Team Maximum—Meet Noelia

I’m a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started as an intern in the Marketing department of one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Latin America. I have […]

Team Maximum – Meet Marc

Marc Barbry– Associate Digital Coordinator

In his own words:
Marc is a North Carolina native and a recent graduate of Appalachian State University. Since September of 2015, Marc has provided Maximum […]

Team Maximum – Meet Jessee

Jessee Leili-Jones – Head of Digital Media

Jessee just moved to Wilmington from New York City and brings with her over 12 years of knowledge and experience in client engagement […]

Team Maximum: Meet Jesse

Jesse Jones – Senior Designer / Art Director
Jesse is a North Carolina native that we lured back from New York City where he has worked for the last 11 […]

Team Maximum: Meet Jon

Jonathan Murphy – Creative Director

Jon, originally from Massachusetts where he was a brand manager for the major sporting goods brand, Puma, joined Maximum almost 6 years ago. Recently promoted to […]

Team Maximum: Meet Mike

Mike Münch— Creative Projects & Accounts Manager
Mike is also a North Carolina native and brings an amazingly diverse set of talents to the Maximum team.  Mike is an accomplished […]


I came across this word as I was reading one of my favorite advertising blogs. Ever have one of those moments when you read or see something and way […]

Team Maximum: Meet Amy

Amy Tharrington – Principal/ Co-Founder

Over her 20+ year career in advertising, Amy has developed industry-leading campaigns that have launched powerful brands and built sales momentum for a diverse list of […]

Team Maximum: Meet Benson

Benson Wills – Digital Manager

In his own words:

My first career was a 9-1-1 supervisor at the Wake County Sheriff’s office. Archaic as they were back in the 80’s, the statewide […]